Getting Loosened Up # 3

Getting Loosened Up # 3 by charles peck Acrylic ~ 10 x 7
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Getting Loosened Up # 3
Acrylic on Panel
10 x 7
$150.00 USDAvailable
this is my 3rd go at this one and my first shot in many years at getting loose again (new studio) after going realistic to rebuild my life after the hurricane of '04.
It started out to be of Kevin but I didn't want to distract my attention by looking at anything other than the surface as I painted so it turned into more me than anything and became my first "self portrait" in many years and the start of several following the theme of only looking at the surface which is also the base of my new body of work "Calligraphic Expression" which has grown somewhat out of this - I had been thinking of the project for quite awhile.
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