Gestural Gestalt Gone Gonzo

Gestural Gestalt Gone Gonzo by charles peck Acrylic ~ 24 x 24
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Gestural Gestalt Gone Gonzo
Acrylic on Panel
24 x 24
$1,875.00 USDNot For Sale
another Calligraphic Expression Series piece emphasizing the brush stroke as the carrier of conceptural construction and visual aesthetics while imparting energy from the color and line quality of the brush mark. The brush stroke acts as a device to peal the veil away or gain access to my raw primal inner being as well as give it voice. By moving the brush in response to each urge immediately and continuely I'm able to get out in front of my frontal cortex thinking giving the larger me a chance to direct the action and create the image. It always amazes me what depths can be plumbed this way. How the bigger mind can balance things more effectively with a lucid fluidity that seems to just boil up to the surface. I choose the colors the same way and they act as an amplifier to the brush stroke's voice.
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